All components included.

WBSAirback is an Open Source solutions based in an appliance storage and backup architecture including all the components required to access all its functionalities (64bits kernel, operating system, apps, modules…)

Appliance platform

WBSAirback can be deployed through any of the available hardware appliances (Soho, Enterprise Storage and Enterprise Gateway). WBSAirback can also be deployed in many virtual platforms (VMWare, KVM, Citrix Xen…)

Open Source Platform

The appliance architecture of WBSAirback is based in Open Source components and Open Standards. We develop our own GNU/Linux distribution with kernel 64bits, containing strictly those packages necessaries for the platform functionalities.

Management and monitoring

WBSAirback offers several interfaces to manage and administrate the appliance via web, CLI and REST.
It also includes several monitoring mechanisms (SNMP Traps, SNMP Community, WatchDog and REST).

Security and availability

WBSAirback includes a big range of mechanisms to assure security, confidentiality (secured access, multiple management roles, integration with AD/LDAP, data encryption…) and data availability (checksums, CRCs, cluster architecture…)


Deduplicated OpenSource Unified Storage

WBSAirback incorporates through this module all the required tools to manage the storage resources of an organisation. Within a unified view, it is possible to use these resources with other WBSAirback modules, or to export them to other systems protocols.

Storage virtualisation

Homogeneous internal and external storage based in block devices (DAS or SAN) or cloud storage (Amazon S3) virtualisation, so it can constitute a global aggregated view of all the devices that you wish. You can define several logical volumes that can be accessed in block mode (iSCSI) or in file mode (NFS/CIFS/FTP).

In-line Data Deduplication

WBSAirback has in-line deduplication capacity provided by its file system based in ZFS. If this feature is activated in a volume, duplicated data blocks are deleted, so there is only a unique block and pointers to it. The deduplication ratios can differ depending on the nature of the origin data, the backup iteration number and its percentage of change. However, the range of this ratio is usually between 1:10 and 1:20.

Learn more about Deduplication

Advanced storage functionalities

WBSAirback has several functionalities oriented to the management of storage in a flexible way, providing a great versatility. Among others, the most important are the LUNs virtualisations in aggregate views, the creation of multi-protocol volumes on these views, dynamic expansion and reduction capacity, thin-provisioning, snapshots on volumes, replication of volumes, etc.

Cloud Storage (Amazon S3)

WBSAirback is able to manage storage based in Cloud (Amazon S3) as if it was a local device. By using this method, it is able to create aggregated views among several buckets to offer all the advanced functionalities of storage management previously detailed, such as in-line deduplication. This results in a saving of space and data transfer through Amazon S3.


OpenSource Enterprise Backup (Bacula Enterprise)

WBSAirback includes through this module all the tools required to protect the information of an organisation and to recover it when and where wished, managing automatically the backup life circle.
The protected information can be located in the external storage of WBSAirback and/or in the WBSAirback internal storage.


Bacula Enterprise OEM

This module is based in Bacula Enterprise, thanks to the OEM international agreement established with Bacula Systems and to the developments done with WhiteBearSolutions (WBSgo) to simplify the administration of this powerful Open Source tool, reducing a big part of its complexity.

Data Protection

Thanks to the agents, provided plug-ins and Advanced Backup programming based in samples and categories, we can protect heterogeneous operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac…) as well as a large number of applications (MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS Active Directory, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle DB, SAP…), File Servers (CIFS, NFS, NetApp NDMP) and virtualisation environments (VMWare, KVM…). Data recovery is made in total or granular way through the information record. It supports flexible recovery methods to disasters (Baremetal Recovery, among others).

Backup Tiering

It supports Full, Incremental, Differential, Synthetic (Virtual Backup), DeltaBlock (Deduplication in origin), DiskSpoolins (D2D2T), Copy (duplicated for vaulting) and Archival (migration among devices) backups. It allows managing the backup life circle so each backup data is located in the most adequate storage type (SSD, SAS, SATA, LTO…) for its defined retention policy.

Snapshots integration

With the Advanced Backup functionality, it is possible to back up the content information contained in native snapshots of storage systems of enterprise range (NetApp FAS, Dell Equalogic, HP Compelent…). To do that, all processes are put together in the same operating system for a specific application so snapshots are made in a consistent way. Backup can also be done directly with SAN.


Continuous Data Protection

WBSAirback incorporates in this module all the necessary tools to protect information on user devices, departmental servers and remote branches of an organisation continuously and to be able to have recovery points of information closer in time.

In-File Delta Protection

After making an initial replica of all the desired data in WBSAirback storage module volumes, it is possible to complete virtual backups in a few minutes. Data can be protected at block level and stored just once at the recovery points to increase storage efficiency.

Supported systems

At a server level, Windows, Linux and Mac systems, as well as VMWare, MS Hyper-V, MS Exchange (DB and mailbox level), MS SQL, Oracle DB, Lotus Notes/Domino, MySQL and MS System State environments can be protected in a continuous or scheduled way.
At desktop level Windows and Mac systems, as well as open files and Outlook PSTs can be protected.

Private Cloud Backup

Through the CDP module in combination with the backup module, it is possible to create a backup solution for servers associated to users in a Private Cloud format. In order to do that, the module has a managing capacity for different clients (multi-tenancy), group policies, agent and recovery web interface corporate customization, billing module, integration with other applications through API, etc.


A secured communication is established between the agent installed at each system and the central module management console, to whom data is sent to make the backup. In addition to data communications, it is possible to establish an encrypted AES protection based on passphrase, not being possible to recover data without the key application.


Enterprise File Sync&Share

With this function, WBSAirback allows to manage, sync and share all the files in any folder or share of any server, computer and/or mobile device, in a safe, effective and flexible way.
It is a private cloud based alternative to solutions such as DropBox, Google Drive, etc. that perfectly suits any type of organisations no matter the size.


On-Premise Platform

Access, control and management of archives from any device

Integration with existent users accounts

Protect and control your information